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Our newest 2 hit virtual instruments in a bundle for a limited time!  The best of both worlds for beat making whether you need multi-samples, synths, loops, drum hits, or riffs.  The combination of BEAST and ARIES is killer at an amazing price for a limited time!  

MVP Loops is very proud to present BEAST!  BEAST is a new pad based virtual instrument that is made for the modern producer and beat maker!  It contains over 12 Gigs of content, 174 Patches, over 7,446 samples, and includes onboard fx, note repeat, waveform editing, the ability to customize your kits, key mode which instantly turns a sound into a playable instrument, waveform editing of all samples, send fx per pad, 8 banks of sounds, powerful sound engine with modern sounds, and is easy to use and install!

Anthem Empire - When you first open BEAST you will find Anthem Empire, which includes 29 huge new kits covering multiple genres!  From Trap to R&B, to Pop, to Soul, to dance based material you will find what you need to make your next hit!  Anthem Empire alone would sell for $99.99 as a new product so getting it inside of BEAST is an amazing value for the money!

EXPANSIONS:  BEAST is our first FULL EXPANDABLE Instrument!  This means we will be adding expansions consistently for BEAST and you never have to learn a brand new instrument, simply load of the new expansion and go!

ALL ABOUT THE SOUND:  BEAST is built on the struQture Sound Engine developed by Qubiq Audio!  This engine is sonically superior presenting the true sound without sound compression!  You get uncompromised sound with BEAST ready to create hit records now!

FEATURES THAT MAKE YOUR JOB EASY:  When you have to create quickly you have no time to fumble around on screen after screen trying to figure out an instrument, this is why BEAST has a straight forward GUI that allows you to get to everything you need within a couple of clicks!  We've eliminated the learning curve so you can do what you are supposed to be doing, making great music.

-  8 Banks With 16 Pads Each - All pads are independent meaning you can send fx, or adjust just the pads you want and not the whole kit.  But if you need to adjust the entire kit simply click "All Pads".  All pads include solo, mute, volume, tuning, and pan.

-  Key Mode - Find an incredible 808, snare, synth note or guitar, and you want to turn it into a playable instrument?  No problem simply click key mode and now you have your wish!  This is truly a powerful feature and when combined with the fx and other features of BEAST becomes something very special.

-  Note Repeat - This feature is used in all modern productions and allows you to quickly create rapid fire rolls or unique melodic phrases!  Our note repeat goes all the way up to 128th/Triplets!

-  Stutter - This feature lets you take a sound and create an arp like stutter effect turning a normal or complex sound into something completely new and unique.

-  Sound Exchange - Like a kit but want to change a sound?  No problem, click on the pad you want to exchange and then click on the sound you prefer in the browser to quickly exchange and customize your kit.

-  Custom Kits - You can create your own customized kits inside of BEAST and save them as a user pre-set so all of your favorite sounds are always at your fingertips.

-  Powerful FX - FX include:  Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ, Flanger, and Compression - All fx can be tweaked and customized, but also include presets

-  Pad Learn - Pay a chord with a created instrument and assign it to a pad!  An amazing feature!

-  ARP - A powerful arpeggiator has been added to BEAST with tweakable settings giving you tons of flexibility.

-  Synthesis - BEAST is so much more than just a ton of great sounds on pads!  BEAST comes jam packed with tons of powerful synthesis giving you complete control over sounds and the ability to create new sounds quickly.

-  Envelope - 2 Powerful Envelopes are included: Amp & Filter, 

-  Filters - 2 Powerful Filters are included with multiple filter types to choose from.  Control the type, frequency and resonance on each individual filter!

-  LFO - On board is amazing and powerful LFO that includes Amp, Filter, and Pan and individual controls for each.

-  Global - Tuning, Pan, and Volume can be affected globally

-  Waveform Display - A live waveform display is included that allows you to change start and end points to truncate and edit files.


The Aries Virtual Synth Workstation is the next evolution of synth workstations! Developed by MVP Loops in collaboration with Qubiq and built on the solid foundation of the struQture engine this synth was born for the modern producer, sound designer, composer, and live musician. Aries has the benefit of nearly 2 decades of sound design experience, and virtual instrument and synthesis development.


The Sound: Nothing is more important than the way a virtual instrument sounds! Period. You can have the best effects and features in the world, but if the sounds aren’t there it is simply a waste of time. Contributing to the quality of the Aries sound is the struQture engine built from the ground up by musicians who understand what it takes to achieve sonic superiority, and by the world renowned sound designers at MVP Loops whose sound design credits include Apple’s Logic, Akai, Native Instruments, and Presonus to name a few. MVP Loops background is heavy duty music production focused on making records for some of today’s hottest artists, and their sounds, sample libraries, and virtual instruments are responsible for thousands of placements and millions of records sold worldwide. In short, you get a complete team of award winning musicians creating a virtual instrument for the modern musician with an eye on them making hits and getting placements.Aries contains 328 handcrafted and tweaked sounds of both the multi-sample and synthesis nature and has 16 categories of instruments. In total Aries is over 7 Gigs of incredible sound patches ready for any type of music that you may want to create.

Quick Strike FX & Tweakers: The MO of the MVP Loops team when developing instruments is simple, it should sound amazing, be easy to use, and efficient. We believe in today’s world that you must be able to get to the sound you want quickly whether you are in the studio or on stage performing and Aries is built around this concept. However, that being said we didn’t leave out the tweakers who want to dig deep in the synth to craft their own sounds. If you want to quickly change a sound in Aries, simply turn a knob and explore, but if you really want to dig deep click the edit button for the effect and go to work!Aries effects and sonic features include: multi-filter with resonance, compression, phaser, delay, a beautiful reverb, a powerful envelope with amp and filter, a nearly limitless arpeggiator, a tweak happy LFO section, glide, pan, tune, quick select option for getting to your favorite patches quickly, an SFX section packed with stepper, pitch, and reverse! Last but not least you have the MORPH knob centered in the middle of the engine that morph’s the sound into something special with the simple turn of a knob. This is truly an amazing synth ready for big time music productions.

Aries Grows & Changes With Music: In today’s music scene sounds change rapidly. MVP Loops has always made it its business to be on the cutting edge of all new sounds, but we didn’t want the customer to have to learn a new instrument every single time the industry sound changed! The solution, internal expansions! With the ingenious help of the Qubiq programmers, the MVP Loops' brainchild of having a synth product that can grow and change as music changes in real-time through expansions has come to life! That means, no learning a new synth, simply find an expansion you want, and load it into Aries, and with a slate of amazing expansions on the horizon you can be sure that the family of Aries expansions will grow quickly!

Built For You: Whether you are a DJ, beatmaker, producer, composer, or live musician Aries was built with you in mind, and contains features designed to make your music sound better and your job easier! A truly inspiring virtual instrument from a dedicated team of programmers, and sound designers is something rare, but Aries is exactly that!


Aries Feature Highlights:


- 328 incredible brand new modern sounds from a world class development team

- New sound engine built from the ground up on the Qubiq & StrQture Engine

- Easy to use, tweak sounds with the simple turn of a knob, or dig deep to design

- World class effects

- Easy To Install And Go!

- Mac & PC Compatible

- Works With Your DAW or Sampler


Virtual Instrument


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