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An Incredible New Kontakt Instrument Containing Over 1,504 Samples, Loops, & Riffs

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Hook City: XXL Platinum Edition is the crowning achievement of our Hook City series of products, and our hottest and most diverse Hook City product to date.  Now we've taken this popular series to the next level by building a custom Kontakt script for it which is packed with features that will make the loops, samples, riffs, one shots, and hooks in this product even more useful in the most used sampler format in the world! Don't have Kontakt? No problem, just use .wav version in your DAW of choice.  

Hook City: XXL Platinum Edition is offered in 2 different formats:

1.) WAV - works perfectly with your DAW or sequencer whether you are using Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Reason, Fruity Loops, Maschine, Abelton Live, MPC, Garage Band, Logic, Sonar, Mach Five, or any other DAW or sampler that accepts WAV files. Use your time stretching in these DAW’s to change the tempo easily.

2.) Kontakt ­ V.L.X ­ Virtual Loop Expansion ­- This is the specially scripted version for Kontakt for Hook City: XXL Platinum Edition, and it is really something special. It’s an MPC padded style interface that includes time stretching, note repeat, bit crushing, on board fx including reverb, delay, and compression. V.L.X organizes the construction loop sets and sounds into perfect kit groups (over 100 kit groups) so that you can use it to make hits in the studio or in a live performance. V.L.X takes this product to an entirely new level.

The product is HUGE, packed with nearly 1,504, 31 Kontakt Instruments, and 100 Kit Groups. These massive construction loop sets, several with multiple parts and multiple vocal options, have been expertly edited and installed into a Kontakt based player that resembles Maschine or the MPC, and includes some really unique features such as incredible time-stretching, built in fx including reverb, delay, compression, high pass and low pass filters, and bit crushing.  

Additionally, whether in the studio or using Hook City XXL Platinum Virtual Loop Xpansion works flawlessly inside your DAW, Maschine, MPC, or any sampler that accepts VST instruments.  You must have Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer to use the V.L.X version.  Looking to create incredible drum fills?  No problem, note repeat is on board as well as individual fx, pan, and volume settings for each pad so that you can really control each part of your production.

The wav version is packed with nearly 5GB of content, 25 massive construction loop sets, several with multiple parts and multiple vocal options, and 1,145 total loops, samples, and vocal hooks.

Whether you are searching for RnB, Drake/Lil Wayne style collaborations, Soulful joints, or Pop, this Hook City has it all covered.  We have a highly respected, and well credited team of musicians, writers, and producers that made this product possible including Miss Jayne, Sydney Michelle, Broadday, Donald "Don P" Johnson, and Nigel Williams.  There are no product fillers in here, there are only smashes.  Recorded as always with top flight gear, and engineers this product is sure to be a staple in your collection.  Mix & Match loops to create tons of new music ideas.  We have provided all keys and tempos as well as 5 separate usable mixes including a full mix, instrumental mix, music mix, drum mix, and vocal mix.

This is a must buy product for anyone that is serious about their music production.  Inspiration and ideas for days.  Hook City XXL Platinum Edition from MVP Loops.  Sounds Like A Hit!

Product Stats: V.L.X Kontakt Player (Virtual Loop Expansion)

• 1,504 loops, samples, riffs, and one shots, and vocal hooks
• 100 Kit Groups
• 31 Kontakt Instruments
• 5 Independent Mixes - full mix, instrumental mix, drum mix, vocal mix, and music mix
• Formats: Kontakt 5.2.1
• All MVP Loops products are Royalty Free

Tech Specs V.L.X Kontakt Player (Virtual Loop Expansion)

• 64 pad - 4 Colored Groups with 16 pads each
• Tempo Sync switchable per pad
• Pan, Volume, & Tuning per pad
• Adjustable Start/End Points per pad (toggleable sustain phase)
• Global Input Quantize
• Pad Oneshot, Latch, Note Repeat
• Velocity Sensitivity Per Pad
• LP/HP filters, compressor, reverb, and delay sends per pad
• Saturation and Lo-Fi Effects per pad
• Routable pre or post filter

Product Stats: WAV Version

• 25 huge multi- track construction loop sets - many with multiple sections?
• 44.1 khz/24 bit - Wav Loops cut professionally, ready for time stretching inside of your DAW/Sampler?
• 4.61 GB total content (1,145 Loops, Samples, and Vocal Hooks)?
• All tempos and keys are included
• 5 Independent Mixes - full mix, instrumental mix, drum mix, vocal mix, and music mix
• Format: WAV
• All MVP Loops products are Royalty Free

What's Included

Hook City XXL Platinum Edition (WAV Version)

Hook City XXL Platinum Edition (VLX version)