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Best Mixing and Mastering Services

EP Master Package
Pro Mix

Online Mixing and Mastering services through MVP Loops is dedicated to providing Professional Mixing and Mastering Services at great prices to Pro's and Indie Artists alike. We specialize in Mixing Music Online, Online Song Mastering, Mixing Audio, Music Mixing and we Mix Master Beats. Our Album Mastering, EP Mastering and Song Mastering Services are perfect for artists, producers and beat makers.

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Our standard mix is a professional mix from our online mixing services that will give your music that radio-ready sound.  Our professional team of engineers credits include Tupac, Flo Rida, Mariah Carey, Jodeci, BET, MTV, Interscope, and many more.  You…


Our Pro Mix is the ideal for our clients with bigger songs to mix and who may need more revisions and stems for later use.  This mix represents an incredible value for the money and allows you the client to have more control over future adjustment or…


Our Pro Elite Mix is for our most demanding clients.  More mix stems are provided (8) for more arrangement and remixing flexibility later.  It also includes time-consuming post production services such as auto-tuning, and drum replacement.  Additionally…


The single song mastering service is perfect if your looking to master and release a single to promote you and your band/group, promote a album/ep that will be releasing, or just if your looking to create some buzz. Your song will be mastered by engineers…


The EP Mastering Package is the perfect solution if you have a group of 5 songs that you need mastered.  This package is for groups or bands that may be releasing a 5 song EP before the release of their album, an Artist putting together a demo, or…


The Album Mastering Package is the essential last touch to your album project.  It saves you money over our single song and EP package because more songs are included for a cheaper price overall.  The Album Mastering Package is also great for beat…


Need full professional production from start to finish?  We offer the Pro Music Production Package for our most demand music production clients, and it includes everything you need to create the next big hit!  This package includes everything from hook…


Our Beat Mixing Package is a professional mix specifically for beat makers from our online mixing services that will give your music that radio-ready sound.  Our professional team of engineers credits include Tupac, Flo Rida, Mariah Carey, Jodeci, BET…

1-8 of 8 products

Online mixing and mastering services through MVP Loops is dedicated to providing professional mixing, mastering and virtual studio services at great prices to Pro's and Indie Artists alike. Owned and operated by a team of professional mixing and mastering engineers with over 3 decades of experience, it boasts such credits as: Mariah Carey, Flo Rida, Tupac, Earth Wind and Fire, George Clinton, Nate Dogg, Jodeci, Destiny's Child, HBO, Showtime, and many more!