Get some buzz for your single with the Indie Single Release & Radio Promotion Standard Package

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Time to get some BUZZ for your music!  Our Indie Single Release and Radio Promotion Standard Package gets your single some much needed attention to start attracting fans, promoters, and labels.  This package is perfect for the artist, band, or group that are starting out and want to test the waters on their new single and start getting noticed.  We help your music sound great with our professional mastering services, we can either create your single graphics from scratch or tweak what you've started, we manage an online radio campaign that gets you spins guaranteed, fill out your copyright paperwork and submit it, and distribute your single online to itunes and a host of other online retailers.  Basically, we do the work for you so that you can concentrate on what you love....your music!

Ready to start making some money from you music?  Let us help with our Music Promotion Services.

What's Included:

* Mastering
* Graphics
* Radio Promotion & Airplay Management – 500 spins
* Online music distribution – itunes, amazon, myspace, emusic, and more
* copyright submission