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One Hit Wonders 2

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'One Hit Wonders 2' has more modern drum sounds , 808's along with fresh new accoustic kick drums, crashes and hi-hats. In all, over 2000 unique samples where recorded and then the best were hand-picked, EQ'd and compressed to bring out the quality in each sample.

We pressed some kicks to dubplate then resampled them like our previous drum collection 'One Hit wonders'. 'One Hit Wonders 2' has over 900 fresh new unique sounds.

We had many genres in mind when creating this drum collection, from Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Hard Dance, you'll find the drums you need for creating your next hit track.

From crispy hi-hats to punchy snares, claps and deep club-rattling 808's, 'One Hit Wonders 2' will have all you need to make a great drum track. Download the demo to hear for yourself!