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Ultra Massive Dubstep Drums

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'Ultra Massive Dubstep Drums', as the name suggests, is a beefy drum collection hand-crafted and finished with a deep, hard-hitting sound that works especially well with Dubstep recordings, but is also suitable for hard Electro, Industrial and Dance styles.

As with the other kits in the "Ultra Massive" series, massive saturation for maximum thickness pervades this pack, which comes with over 260 individual kick, snare, hat and percussion hits, and instant-load patches formatted in MPC, Reason NN-XT, Battery, Kontakt, EXS24, Halion and Soundfont.

Content Breakdown:

• Over 260 individual drum hits

• Hard, beefy-sounding kicks, snares, blends, hats & cymbals

• Instant load patches in the most popular sampler formats