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MVP Loops offers Music Loops, Hip Hop Samples and Fruity Loops. We carry thousands of loops in various formats for samplers and DAW's such as Fruity Loops/FL Studio, Garageband, Reason and much more. Formats include Acid Loops, Apple Loops, Midi Loops and REX Loops. All of our Hip Hop Loops, Sample Packs, Midi Loops, Midi Samples, Loop Samples, Dance Midi Samples, Hip Hop Sample Packs, Sound Packs, Sound Samples, Multi Track Loop and Sound Sample Packs are 100% Royalty Free. 

MVP Loops is the best Music Loops Store to instantly download West Coast Samples for West Coast Beats, Construction Loop Sets, Dirty South Beats, Electro Bass Line Loops and Synthesizer Loops for Electro Beats and more. We also have Guitar Loops, R&B Loops and Vocal Loops to Make Beats for Hip Hop and RnB tracks. We also offer Mixing and Mastering and Music Promotion Services for Artists, Music Producers and Beat Makers.

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MVP Loops company roots date back over 8 years and our team of award-winning music producers, sound designers, engineers, and musicians are intent on bringing high quality loop libraries for instant download. MVP Loops keeps the modern music producer current. Our sounds are the best in the industry and will definitely help you sell more beats and make stronger tracks that stand out in the crowded music market place. Listen to our demos, look over our site, or give us a call or email with any questions. We are here to help. Instant downloads, great products at great prices. MVP Loops...Sounds Like a Hit!

MVP Loops is a Music Loops store. Our main music samples include: Fruity Loops Samples, Hip Hop Beats, Sample Packs, Drum Loops, Acid Loops and Garageband Loops.

Usefull Resources: Loop - Wikipedia, The Americana Music Association, Promotion Music Association

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