Epicenter Music

Epicenter Music is owned by Hit Producer Chazz aka "ChazzTraxx".  Chazz started Epicenter Music in 2000 after reaching #5 on Billboard Dance Charts as a self-produced artist for Arista Recs. UK/Logic Recs. US.  Epicenter Music went on to launch the successful Phatt Traxx Beat CDs Series which led to the first-ever Hip-Hop Infomercial "Phatt Traxx".  Chazz is also known and well-respected by many radio & club DJs globally for his chart-topping remixes.  Chazz himself has been remixed by Armand Van Heldon, DJ Sneak, and more.  Currently Chazz's Epicenter Music Productions is producing Hip-Hop, Dance, Pop and R&B for A&Rs from labels such as Atlantic, Blackground/Interscope, MBA/Universal and many more.

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