Algo-Rhythms: Uber Sleek Electro Percussion

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Welcome to Studio Wormbone’s latest visionary collection of masterfully programmed loops.  “Algo-Rhythms: Uber Sleek Electro Percussion” is the most exhilarating assemblage of forward thinking grooves available.  This sound pack contains 100 synthetically percussive loops organized into down/mid/up tempo folders and includes an extra folder with 20 bonus loops.  It represents musical refinement exponentially calculated.  It embodies invigorating technological artistry in the most elegant and fresh of formulations.  These are white hot patterns, conceived in the depths of the slickest studio hardware and software available, and infused with ingeniously advanced programming.  The sounds in these data designs are the brainchild of machine construction and creative finesse.  They vary from velvety plush non-linear and organically modulated layers, to forcefully hard hitting ultramodern drum assaults.


This sound pack is ideal for many genres of electronica or film/TV/game soundtracks in need of cutting edge savvy layers.


All of the sounds herein maintain the glossy polish of Studio Wormbone’s hyperproduction tools and techniques.  Except where reverb and/or compression is a critical component of the overall intended 'flavor' of a sound, the majority of these files only have minimal amounts of this to allow plenty of headroom for tweaking.  Every sample has been professionally recorded, edited, sliced, and mastered with the utmost care and is usable with every major audio software program (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Sony Acid, Garageband, Ableton Live, Reason). All sounds are compatible cross platform with either Mac or PC.  And all of them are executed to make your next production exceptional, extreme, vibrant, and exquisite.


Formats provided are WAV/AIF/REX in 24-Bit/44.1khz resolution, and are of course Royalty-Free.  Most of these files are atonal, so they'll musically fit into your compositions regardless of key.  The BPM and key (for any tonal files) are listed in the file name where appropriate.  

About The Creator: 

Studio Wormbone is a compact and efficient state-of-the-art recording and production facility located in a quiet forest setting just outside the Emerald City of Seattle Washington, USA. Owned and managed by sound designer/producer Trevor Dutton, it’s resources specialise in all aspects of electronic music and cutting-edge audio production.


Uber stimulating.  Uber sleek.

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