Big Hits Anthems Vol 1

Demo 1



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'Big Hits Anthems Vol 1' is the first of a brand new sample series from Shockwave, including five ready-to-use tracks with WAV, MIDI and FX in some of the most popular styles at the moment that are conquering clubs across Europe.

'Big Hits Anthems Vol 1' contains five amazing Construction Kits. Read on to find out more!

Construction Kit Breakdown:
• Anthem 1: The most popular style at the present moment, conquering all of Europe. As you can hear in the demo, everything was fine-tuned to create this wonderful sound, great melody and, most importantly, everything ready and mastered to use in your sequencer.
• Anthem 2:  Best-received in clubs and on the radio around the world, this kit represents typical House Music. Shockwave offers you their version of the wonderful sounds used in the style of celebrities, such as Avicii, Shm, Axwell, Tim Berg, and more.
• Anthem 3: This is a total variation on typical House music and includes Electro House as well.
• Anthem 4: Great Melody, great loops, great MIDI Files, that's all you need to be the best!
• Anthem 5: Like in Anthem 3 this is typical House music at its best!
All tracks have been mastered by the latest UAD system, which is synonymous with quality.
• House Kit Session 1: (17 Files)
• House Kit Session 2: (17 Files)
• House Kit Session 3: (23 Files)
• House Kit Session 4: (22 Files)
• House Kit Session 5: (14 Files)
Technical Specifications:
• Loops
• FX
• 93 Files

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