Breaks & 808's

Demo 1
Demo 1

'Breaks & 808's' is a compilation of break beats and 808's. These combinations are heard in many works by some of the greatest producers, such as Timbaland, Just Blaze, Justice League, Kanye West, and No ID. Fakulty are offering over 400 sub kicks, kicks, snares, claps, and more, and to sweeten the deal they've included bonus content.

Before there was a Kanye kit, 9th Wonder kit, or a Timbaland kit, the only great-sounding drums came from vinyl break beats. So ask yourself is it really a 9th Wonder, Dr. Dre, or Alchemist kit, if the drums didnt come from a break beat? 
The answer is "No", but fear not, Fakulty Studios took the liberty to build break beats from some of the greatest drummers, press them to vinyl, run them through an MPC, and a tape deck for saturation, all to create that unique sound.
Don't pass this up, don't hesitate, act now, and add these to your collection today!
Please Note: 
The demo tracks are not included in this pack, they are for demonstration purposes only to show the capability of Fakulty's drums in an actual beat.

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