Choir Kingz XXL

Demo 1

24-Bit Wav, Midi

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MVP Loops & Mystic Kingz is product to present our next big hit, Choir Kingz XXL.  This is a massive collection of 45 construction loop sets that sound epic.  The product is broken down into 3 styles including Urban, Dance, and Cinematic which gives you plenty of options and flexibility.  This product allows you to create so many different styles and genres it's like having 3 products in 1. 

It is formatted in 24bit WAV and midi format which gives you total flexibility to change tempo and key.  Choir Kingz XXL build off the legacy of the Choir Kingz brand, but it simply takes it to a new level. 

Product details:

- 45 incredible sounds construction kits
- 24bit WAV & Midi
- 3 different styles including Urban, Dance, & Cinematic

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