Distorted Blends

Demo 1

50 Kicks
50 Snares
52 Hats & Cymbals
50 Claps
50 Percussion Samples
50 SFX & Textures

All drum samples are 16 bit .wav format for use across multiple DAW's.

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Experience optimal sample layering with Distorted Blends by Sounds in HD. If you need warm, gritty, and chunky drums; you got it. Need crunchy, grunge, distortion? Look no further. How about some serious twisted and big transitions along with epic sound effects? Find it all here. We employed hardware such as the ASR-10, Avalon 737sp, and the Roland Sh-210 synthesizer as well as software such as NI Guitar Rig 4, Izotope and more to create the ideal tones and harmonic distortion samples. Perfect for those looking to add an industrial effect to their hip-hop productions. With over 300 samples of one-shots and effects, endless distorted and warm possibilities are at your disposal.

So what else is unique? Check out the SFX folder to find drones, rises, falls, textures, and transitions big enough for movie production and simple enough for hip hop. Layer our textures with your sample collection for your own unique drum samples! Add some distortion to your HD drum sample library today and try the demo for yourself.

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