Dre's Guitar Loop Chronicles

Demo 1
Demo 1

WAV Loops  24bit 44.1 khz

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You need that west coast guitar if you are going to make those Dre beats sound authentic. Dig Audio presents Dre's Guitar Loop Chronicles featuring 152 blazin guitar loops that will have you running to the studio, lighting up and creating some banging West Coast tracks.

We've captured that classic West Coast guitar style that will inspire greatness. These guitar loops are just what you need to get that authentic West Coast Swagg.

Dre's Guitar Loop Chronicles features 230 auhtnetic West Coast guitar loops in wav format. Take them, chop them up and get to work. Perfect for Fruity Loops users and any DAW or sampler that accepts .wav files.


*368.1 MB total content

* 152 total files .Wav

* 100% royalty free

* All keys and tempos inlcuded

* Tempos range from 80-130


WAV Loops

Genre: West Coast Hip Hop

MVP Loops...Sounds Like A Hit!

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