EDM Drum Kicks Volume 1

Demo 1


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Our newest sample series at Premier Sound Bank, EDM Drum Kicks brings both our versatility and distinctive sounds straight to your studio. Although suitable for almost all genres of EDM, Volume 1 includes emphasis on genres such as Progressive House, Trap, Electro House, Deep House, Trance, and even Hardstyle. With 189 samples in all these Kicks are sure to do some damage in your new productions. Each and every kick in the pack has been tuned and labeled with the key so you know they are in tune and will easily integrate into your productions.


  • 14 Deep Kicks
  • 7 Hardstyle Kicks
  • 7 House Kicks
  • 14 Techno Kicks
  • 7 Trance Kicks
  • 14 Knocker Kicks
  • 91 Layered Kicks (Suitable for all genres)
  • 7 Massive Kicks
  • 7 Plastic Kicks
  • 7 Puncker Kicks
  • 7 Super Punch Kicks
  • 7 Trippy Kicks
Total: 189 Samples
Please note that all samples are in WAV format - 24bit 44.100 khz

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