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The EP Mastering Package is the perfect solution if you have a group of 5 songs that you need mastered.  This package is for groups or bands that may be releasing a 5 song EP before the release of their album, an Artist putting together a demo, or a producer or song writer who is looking to sell more songs or beats.

Your song will be mastered by engineers whose credits include Tupac, Mariah Carey, Nate Dogg, Jodeci, Flo Rida, HBO, BET, MTV, Interscope, Universal and many more.

Mastering is an essential step in the production of any professional song or album.  A properly mastered album will sound good on whatever sound system you are listening through.  Mastering a CD before it is pressed or digitally released insures that the music will sound consistent with other commercial music.

We guarantee that our professional engineers and staff will bring your music up to commercial standards while delivering you great customer service throughout your project.

Our mastering process includes a combination of both hi-end resolution plugins and effects, professional outboard gear, and the best AD/DA converters to ensure that you get a radio ready sound that matches or surpasses the competition.  The mastering process is intended to make your final mix loud, wide, and clear.  We do this without "over compressing" your master or distorting it.


-  add loudess, clarity, sheen and dimension

-  more stereo width

-  increase the warmth of your music

-  clean hiss and hums up

-  embed cd text, codes, features, & graphics for proper digital distribution

-  comply with Redbook specifications and prepare for your masters for duplication

-  professional fades (if needed)

-  fixing mixing errors


1.)  We prefer that you send us a 24 bit wav or aiff file to master, but we also accept mp3 files.

2.)  Zip up your WAV, AIFF, or MP3 files up and upload them here: 


3.)  Email us at sales@mvploops.com once your mix has been uploaded.

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