Facebook Social Marketing & Branding Campaign

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Facebook has become one of the most powerfull advertising tools at an artist's disposal.  You can reach millions of people worldwide, introduce them to your music, and connect with them to get them to come to shows, buy your music, and share it with their friends.  The only catch....you need a team that is experienced in promoting music through Facebook. 

Our professional team at MVP will help you create a custom ad campaign for Facebook that will get you noticed.  Whether your just trying to promote your brand, label, or yourself as an artist, or your trying to drive direct traffic to your site or distributor to buy your music...we can help. 

What's Included?

-  Help you identify your target audience demographic and reach them through face book ad campaigns

-  Write ad copy that will entice customers to come to our website, or social page.

* Create professional graphics that will help your ad attract more visits. (*additional charge for graphics)

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