Festival Trance 2

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After beating the charts everywhere with the first volume, 'Festival Trance 2' is finally here! Loaded with almost 500 MB of Analogue Progressive Trance content, including everything you need to take your tracks to the next level. Following the latest trend, inspired by all the chart topping artists of today and biggest labels such as Iboga, Iono, Spin Twist and more.


As you may know, the Trance scene these days has a specific standard, so if you want to get to the best labels, 'Festival Trance 2' will help you to add that warm analogue touch, that you are missing in your tracks. Using these sounds you will get a good chance to be heard by your favorite labels.


Bigger then ever, packed with 145 files in total, including: 59 Synth Loops (made with Virus TI and Nord Lead), 13 Bass Loops, 26 Drum Loops, 17 FX Loops, 10 Vocal Loops and 20 Kick One-Shots.


The sounds were professionally crafted and polished with EQs, Compressors, Maximizers, Delays and Reverbs and are ready for immediate use. All musical loops are Key-Labelled and the whole pack is at 136-138 BPM. 


'Festival Trance 2' is 100% royalty-free, use the sounds, release your tracks, beat the charts!


This outstanding collection was produced by Israeli artist Geo. Keep your eyes and ears on his upcoming massive EP.


Product Details: 


• WAV Format

• 475 MB of Content per Format

• 145 Individual Loops & Samples

• 59 Synth Loops  

• 13 Bass Loops

• 26 Drum Loops

• 10 Vocal Loops 

• 20 Kick One-Shots

• 100% Royalty-Free

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