Funk Festival Vol. 3

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Bring on the funk!  But to have that funk you've got to have the live players that can kill it!  Funk Festival Vol. 3 contains cool funk styles played by some of the best musicians in Los Angeles live. Whether you are looking for the Bruno Mars sound, or you are simply looking to pull some inspiration from the loops and sounds for other genres Funk Festival Vol. 3 is an incredible product to have.

Funk Festival Vol. 3 features 5 massive separate construction kit ideas that all include keys, synths, live guitar, live drums, live bass, and live percussion. Included are the separate parts, but also you receive a full mix, music mix, and of course the drum mix for your pleasure. Mix and match parts, chop them up, drop the loops into your productions to give them new life. 

About MVP Platinum - MVP Platinum is a MVP Loops owned brand dedicated to delivering the highest quality sample library content in the world. Our sounds, loops, and production ideas can be heard in records around the world by the top artists in the industry, and are responsible for millions of records sold constantly appearing on records at the top of the charts. We strive to give you nothing but the best. 

Simply put, our sounds help you make hits.

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