HD Blends

Demo 1
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Get the best Acoustic and Grunge drum samples in HD Blends. HD Blends combines the acoustic tonality and the warm, gritty tones of Distorted Blends. With over 740 drums, you will have everything you need and more to create Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Soundtrack, Dub step, etc with these samples. Check out the freshest claps and kicks in Acoustic Blends and the hard hitting snares and epic SFX and transitions of Distorted Blends.

We used hardware such as the ASR-10, Avalon 737sp, and the Roland Sh-210 synthesizer as well as software such as NI Guitar Rig 4, Izotope and more to develop the most original blend of samples available. Just try the demo and see for yourself why you need some HD Blends in your drum library today! Upgrade to HD.

Acoustic Blends 1 - 155 Drums
Acoustic Blends 2 - 261 Drums
Distorted Blends - 302 Drums
Bonus Drum Pack

All drum samples are 16 bit .wav format for use in all DAW's. HD Blends is a bundle collection of Sounds in HD Acoustic Blends 1, Acoustic Blends 2 and Distorted Blends. Bonus Drum Pack included!

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