Heavy Sounds Of Main Room House 4

Demo 1
Demo 1

'Heavy Sounds Of Main Room House 4' is the fourth installment in this House melody pack from MS Records, totalling a whopping 33 MIDI files structured across 15 different tracks. MS Records believes that WAV and MP3s included in a melody pack are just a way to pad it out and make the pack seem bigger that it really is, this is why they provide you with total control over the melodies.

No pre-made, sandboxed loops here - you have the power to mould and craft these melodies any way you wish. MIDI format gives you the power to easily edit chord sequences, octave, tempo and other elements.

You can incorporate all these elements into your own commercial or personal productions, completely royalty-free.

Need some inspiration? Want to increase your musical theory knowledge? Or perhaps you just want to see how the big names on the scene achieve such a powerful, floor-shaking sound.

'Heavy Sounds Of Main Room House 4' provides you with 15 speaker-thumping melodies. The 33 MIDI files give you power over all the elements from chords and bass to pads and plucks.

Spanning across several sub-genres of House, this melody pack provides a rich learning environment for new and seasoned producers. Tweak the melodies to your taste, or throw them straight into your favourite VSTi and play them however you want.

Every MIDI file in this pack comes completely royalty-free, which means you can use them whenever and however you wish.

Please Note:

Only MIDI files are included. Drums, percussion and FX are not included in this pack. 

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