Hip Hop Guitars Vol 1

Demo 1


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'Hip Hop Guitars Vol 1' brings you fresh authentic guitar loops for your Hip Hop and Urban productions, all performed on a high end Stratocaster through a real tube amp. Six Construction Kits are included in a range of tempos and formats.


Inside you'll find 40 electric guitar loops in tempos ranging from 84 to 95 BPM, grouped into six Construction Kits.  All of these loops were recorded with a high end Stratocaster and a real tube amp, to give you that unmistakable twang.


Ranging from blistering overdriven riffs to smooth, clean hooks and sharp melodies, the various rhythm and lead components can be layered in a single track to add warmth and depth, or mixed and matched, warped and warbled to suit your needs.


Pack Includes:


• Snickersnak - 84 BPM, C

• Blood Oath - 84 BPM, Em

• Lonely Road - 86 BPM, D#m

• Hard Money - 88 BPM, - Cm

• Simple Solution - 90 BPM, - Am

• Nice Slice - 95 BPM, C#m




• 24-Bit AIFF

• 24-Bit WAV

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