Kings Then, Kings Forever

Demo 1
Demo 1


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'Kings Then, Kings Forever' is the primary installment in the Executive Kits series from Elite Sounds. First and foremost, this pack contains never-before heard sounds. This hand-crafted premium pack will arm your productions with all the power, genius and quality that a King has. Everything from thunderous drum sequences to spiraling effects and uniquely rare 'drops' can be found in this pack. 

This intense Construction Kit pack comes with over 1 GB (890 MB compressed) of samples, loops and FX.
Kings have the power to persuade, command and take action, and this pack does just that!
These dark and energetic compositions have tempos ranging anywhere from 70 BPM to 146 BPM, perfect tempos to give any situation the right amount of delegated energy!
Elite Sounds feels strongly that this first installment of the Exclusive Series will be your first choice in modern day creative track-making and production.
Included in this collection are tastefully managed percussion, ground-breaking drums and never-before heard progressions and sounds.
As a plus, these Construction Kits are Royalty-Free, simply meaning that you can use them in personal or commercial compositions at no extra cost.
It's also worth noting that rather than simply brick wall limiting every sound into the proverbial squashed, lifeless, 0db peaking state that producers are so used to seeing, each sound is meticulously processed without the use of brick wall limiting to ensure maximum fidelity, punch, dynamics, and most importantly, usability.
Product Details:
• All key signatures & tempos provided
• 5 Multi-track Construction Kits
• 5 Fully arranged, professionally mixed and mastered, radio-ready demo files
All sounds are printed through 48-Bit architecture at 176.4 kHz for maximum dynamic range and downward compatibility (provided at 24-Bit/44.1kHz quality).
All sounds are professionally processed utilising the very best in analogue and digital signal processing including UAD, Apogee and SSL interfaces and boards.


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