Music Composition Tool

Demo 1
Demo 1
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'Music Composition Tool' from Nano Musik Loops is a new, simple tool to create your tracks. You have all the chords you will ever need and added are all the scales and modes. This is an easy to use drag and drop MIDI loop system which you can use to create your own chord progressions or melodies and stay in tune.

All MIDI loops are organised in five sections; chord charts, chord progression, chords, scales and basic chord suggestions.
Each key has 58 different chords. Each key also has a major and minor folder. For example, the major folder in the Key of A has:
• AMajor
• Bminor
• C#minor
• DMajor
• EMajor
• F#minor
• G#dim 
You have in this pack two chord charts for all chord progressions.
This amazing tool is a must-have. A total of 1248 MIDI loops are included!


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