NTS AUDIO LABS 'Tech House Nu Percs Bottom Grooves'

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'Tech House Nu Percs Bottom Grooves' is a huge Bottom Grooves collection from NTS Audio specially suited for Tech House music style productions, these loops are totally full of Nu Perc sounds , a lot of new percussive sounds engeeneared 

and effected with the best hardware and software to give your new track that point extra!


This collection features 200 loops in wav 24 bit format , divided in categories for '4x4' loops and '8beats' loops!








ï  100 4x4 Bottom Grooves     124Bpm

ï  100 8beats Bottom Grooves  124bpm




Content Size: about 204 Mb


Format: WAV (24 bit)





All the sounds are recorded at 24bit 44.1Khz 

All the loops and samples are Normalized at 0db.

All the loops are presented at accurate 124 bpm speed.

All the bottom loops are already sidechain compressed for the best groove and kick drum exposition.


(p) NTS Audio Labs

(c) 2011 NTS Audio Labs


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