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'Tech Producer Bass Essentials' is an extensive bass loops and multisampled bass library. This collection is aimed to Tech House ,Techno , Minimal , Deep Tech , Groove Tech music producers to give them the perfect bass line they ever dreamed.

The Bass Loops are presented at 127 bpm speed and subdivided by the 12 tones of a full musical octave so You can instantly add a rocking bassline to Your actual working track. 

All the Bass Loops have a different Riff.

All the Bass Sound Shots are multisampled. 

In a collection of 324 Bass Loops plus 457 Multisampled Bass Shots (24Bit) organized by tone. You will get all the necessary weapons to make your tracks bounce!

The collection is organized in two main sides : 'Bass Loops' and 'One Shot Bass Multisamples'.

1) The 'Bass Loops' side where You'll get 324 Bass Loops organized by tone.

2) The 'One Shot Bass Multisamples' side where You'll get all the 457 Bass Sounds used to makes the loops.

These sounds are suitable for soft samplers and audio sequencers or any other sample based software.


* Bass Loops:


ï 324  Bass Loops        125bpm/1

* One Shot Bass Multisamples:


ï 457 Multisampled Bass Shots

Content Size: 375 MB

Format: WAV


All the sounds are recorded at 24bit 44.1Khz 

All the loops and samples are Normalized at 0db.

All the loops are presented at accurate 127 bpm speed.


This is a commercial Sample Pack. 

All the samples are Royaltie Free.

Please read the license file.

(p) NTS Audio Labs.

(c) 2011 NTS Audio Labs


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