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Demo 1

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With much anticipation OVXO Vol. 2 is here, and something special from Day One Audio and MVP Loops. This product is packed with unique sounds that you will pull inspiration from.  Big boomin' drums, dirty synths and more make up this collection of modern Hip Hop construction kits.  In addition to the construction loop sets we also added melodic riffs, and drum hits providing even more value and making your production easier.

OVXO Vol. 2 is offered in 3 different formats:

1.) WAV & MIDI - works perfectly with your DAW or sequencer whether you are using Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Reason, Fruity Loops, Maschine, Abelton Live, MPC, Garage Band, Logic, Sonar, Mach Five, or any other DAW or sampler that accepts WAV files. Use your time stretching in these DAW’s to change the tempo easily.

2.) Kontakt ­ V.L.X ­ Virtual Loop Expansion ­- This is the specially scripted version for Kontakt for OVXO Vol. 2 and it is really something special. It’s an MPC padded style interface that includes time stretching, note repeat, bit crushing, on board fx including reverb, delay, and compression. V.L.X organizes the construction loop sets and sounds into perfect kit groups so that you can use it to make hits in the studio or in a live performance. V.L.X takes this product to an entirely new level!  The V.L.X version contains 30 Kontakt Instruments.  Please note, you need the latest full version of Kontakt 5 to use OVXO Vol. 2 in Kontakt format. 

3.) Maschine - 30 Kits with multiple groups per kit, 2GB, over 1,200 samples

OVXO Vol. 2 comes with all 3 formats; simply choose which ones (or all) you'd like to download.  Whether it’s WAV, Maschine, or V.L.X format, get your hands on this product because it is top rated, and has the most current sounds available today!

As always the files are 100% royalty free. This set is pure inspiration, download it today!

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