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So, you've produced an incredible new single or album, or you're doing a big gig and you want to get the word out.  A properly crafted and timely released press release will get the job done and the word out!

The new Platinum Press Release Service from MVP Loops is incredible tool for the Indie Artist to build their brand and gain new fans!  For a incredible low price of $119.99 we write and develop a press release that will inspire people to want to know more about you.  The press release goes out to 40 major news outlets worldwide such as The Miami Herald and Chicago's Daily Herald, and we provide you with reports on who picked up your release and how many people have viewed your release. 

Want to get results for your new project or launch?  Invest in the Platinum Press Release Service....because how will they know that your music is great if they don't know where to go listen to it?

• Get your news, band, release or group out to news outlets all around the globe.
• Get your press release picked up by online search engines and draw more attention to yourself.
• Get valuable links that come back to your band’s website, itunes page, or social networking page.

Platinum Press Release Includes:

• Video Embedding (link your Youtube video directly in the press release)
• Slideshow Embedding (slideshow of your promo pics in press release)
• Block Quotes
• Interactive Report
• Higher Headline Visibility
• 40+ Full Page Syndications (Miami Herald, Daily Herald and more)
• Multimedia File Uploading (upload demo of your track)

Click here for a link to a press release that we released that was picked up by the Miami Herald online

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