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Delivered in WAV, AIFF, AAC and MP3 formats as requested.

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Our Pro Mix is the ideal for our clients with bigger songs to mix and who may need more revisions and stems for later use.  This mix represents an incredible value for the money and allows you the client to have more control over future adjustment or arrangements to the song that is mixed.  Your project will be mixed by one of our professional mixing engineers whose credits include: Tupac, Flo Rida, Mariah Carey, Jodeci, BET, MTV, Interscope, and many more.  Additionally, you will have a Project Manager that will assist every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the final result.


* Professional mix using a combination of high end Pro Tools software and analog outboard gear.

* Mixes that are 25 - 48 tracks/audio parts

* 4 revisions

* 4 stereo stems for future remixing & backing tracks (drums, bass, music, & vocals)

* Version include:  Full Mix, Clean Mix, Instrumental Mix, Accapella Mix, & TV Tracks


1.)  You can send us a pro tools, cubase, logic, or nuendo session OR you can bounce down your wav files from the bar 1 to the end of the song and send those.  If you bounce your wav files please be sure to use no fx, panning, etc.  Send your wav files dry and we will add the necessary effects in the mixing process.  The only exception to this rule is if you have a "production effect", something such as T Pain style auto-tune, or delay, reverb or other effect that you need to make the production complete.

2.)  Zip up your session or WAV files and upload them here:

3.)  Email us at once your mix has been uploaded.

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