Pro Music Production Package

$1,500.00 Buy Now

Need full professional production from start to finish?  We offer the Pro Music Production Package for our most demand music production clients, and it includes everything you need to create the next big hit!  This package includes everything from hook writing, post production, mixing and mastering, and more.  If you need a professional sounding track for your next album, our team is ready to supply you with the hottest ready radio sound.

We even offer music video services for an additional cost.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss your project today!


* Our production team and you the customer communicate via phone & email in order for our team to  produce the best possible instrumental for you the Artist.

* Our team will present you with not 3 instrumental choices to choose from based off the style that you are searching for.

* You will be given both a 2 track mix of the music and separate parts.

* Hook writing and performance are included.

* Standard Mixing is included once vocals have been completed.

* Mastering is included.

* You will have the exclusive right to use the music.

* A production agreement will be signed giving you the client the right to use the music exclusively and giving the MVP Loops Producers/Team appropriate royalty credits for the production of the music.

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