Real Raw Snares Vol 1

Demo 1

WAV Files

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'Real Raw Snares Vol 1' includes 100 raw untouched snares for layering and adding your own processes to, including rim shots, sticks, short hits,long hits, also included are completely different FX versions, Heavy FX and Reverb FX for a total of 167 unique snare samples.
'Real Raw Snares Vol 1' has over 100 freshly recorded raw untouched snare drums recorded with The Shure SM57, and for retro quality the DX-77 ribbon mic was used. The snare drum used was a Tama
Artwood Custom.
These snare drums can be used by any genre of music of your choice you have a excellent assortment
 of snares to choose from all 24-Bit 48khz wav files. This is a unique pack of snares never before heard.
Technical Specifications:
• 82 Short & long hits
• 13 Rims & Sticks
• 05 Rolls & Flams
• 38 Light fx Reverb
• 29 Heavily Processed FX
• 24-Bit, 48khz wav
• Reason Refill
• Geist Programs
• Ableton Live Pack
• Maschine Programs
• Kontakt, Battery Patches

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