Shocking EDM For Spire

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'Shocking EDM For Spire' is a comprehensive Spire soundset full of totally fresh sounds for all EDM genres. This amazing palette of presets brings you unique sounds, created with maximum precision. This time Vandalism chose Spire to give you once again something you've never heard before.

'Shocking EDM For Spire' is a set of new sounds inspired by the best EDM genres such as Progressive, House, Trap, Trance and Electro. You will find soft, hard and dirty leads and basses. 
Try to be unique and make your own hallmark with these sounds!
Product Details:
• 64 Reveal Sound Spire Presets
• 38 Lead Sounds
• 24 Bass Sounds
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Multi-Genres
• This soundset requires Spire Version 1.08+

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