Sound Squad: M-Paq Edition

Demo 1
Demo 1
Maschine, Maschine Mikro 
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MVP Loops is so very proud to present another smash hit product, SOUND SQUAD M-Paq Edition! We've taken all the content from the original and formatted it for Maschine and Machine Mikro.  This product ARE the sounds that have made countless hits. Produced by Trevor Lawrence Jr. whose credits include Dr. Dre, Eminem, Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, Herbie Hancock, 360, and many more. His discography is longer than Los Angeles traffic, point blank, he is the real deal and production is responsible for millions of records sold worldwide. We convinced Trevor to let us dig into his sound catalog and bring SOUND SQUAD to the world!. This product includes a massive amount of content, we are talking about 723 riff and sample in 51 kits that auto load in Maschine/MAschine Mikro including live guitar, live bass, synth parts for days, crazy fx, vocals, filtered sounds, and so much more in this product. Inspiration for days. The sounds are nothing short of incredible.

Let’s talk about the styles included. Trevor Lawrence Jr. comes from a line of incredible musicians, his father is a legendary producer, musician and song­writer, thus Trevor has been influenced and can produce many different styles. SOUND SQUAD is very diverse giving hard hitting hip hop, EDM style loops, Soulful RnB, Pop and more. We’ve chosen the sounds in this product to match and mesh well together to give you a lot of inspiration immediately. 

SOUND SQUAD from multi­ platinum producer Trevor Lawrence Jr. and MVP Loops......Sounds Like A Hit! Download it today!

Product Stats: 

• 293MB total content
• 53 kits
• 723 riffs/samples
• 100% Royalty Free


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