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Demo 1


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We would like to welcome you to the second installment to the Sounds in HD sample series. This package contains 675 brand new samples all constructed by the sound designers at Sounds in HD, that's more than double the size of SHD1.

We’ve decided to make this kit more usable for the producers and engineers, by adding more elements other than the generic samples, including Synthesized Drums, Lo-Fi Textures, Acoustic Samples and more all originally recorded and processed by us. SHD2 is a huge step up from the preceding package, we consider this particular sample library to have more Balance than the other sample packages on the market, and if you don’t believe us, TRY THE DEMO KIT TODAY!!!!!

Synth Drums: This section of the drum library features drums constructed from prized hardware and software synthesizers. These were processed to give your drums that low-bit-rate style crunch. Lo-Fi: There’s lots of dirty sounding drums out there, but nothing more grittier than the lo-fi package in this library. These lo-fi samples were processed with synths, layered with acoustic recordings, as well as other digital samples to give it that dirty feel.

This is a must for most of those ol’skool producers looking to bring that ol’skool flava back into hiphop. Acoustics: Ever wanted those danja style kicks, well this is the pack for you. These samples were recorded at Studio E in Philadelphia using only the most pristine mics and pre-amps in the audio realm, that including the Avalon 737, CAD, Focusrite, Drawmer, and more. The rim shots in this package are ear rattling, and kicks are hollow and punchy just like those Danja drums. The Kits, Tama, Pearl Rhythm Traveler , and Century GC52-73, were used to construct this section of our library, so enjoy.

Note these are drums sounds only. Full production demos allow you to hear what the sounds would sound like in a song.

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