Sounds in HD The Complete Collection

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Own the best Sounds in HD has to offer with the Complete Collection. That’s 1800 drum samples from all of our selections; Sounds in HD Volume 1, 2 3, Acoustic Blends 1 & 2, and Distorted Blends. We even threw in some bonus samples for your 808 pleasure. Using equipment like the Avalon 737, Focusrite, ASR-10, Roland SH-210 and more mixed with the industries top software, Sounds in HD the Complete Collection is a must have for your drum library. Everything from Acoustic to Pop, thick to raw, clean and crisp, distorted and warm, every single sample was created with a purpose.

Download the demo and try these samples out today! Tons of one-shot ready samples and tones and sounds you can layer with your own collection. Become the most versatile producer and upgrade to HD today.

Sounds in HD Vol 1
Sounds in HD Vol 2
Sounds in HD Vol 3
Acoustic Blends 1
Acoustic Blends 2
Distorted Blends
Bonus Drums!

All drum samples are 16 bit .wav format for use in all DAW's. Sounds in HD The Complete Collection is the complete bundle of all sample packs in the Sounds in HD product selection. (SHD 1, SHD 2, SHD 3, Acoustic Blends 1, Acoustic Blends 2, Distorted Blends + Bonus drum samples)

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