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'Sounds Of RiRi Bundle' combines the top selling series from Elite Sounds all in one. With styles, rhythms and melody lines based off music from Rihanna, you will carry yourself above and beyond when adding these sounds to your productions. Over 2.5GB of rare and exclusive sounds are included, with distorted 808's, deep and dark melodies, sultry basses and never-before-heard drum patterns.

Give yourself the opportunity to take your music to the next level with this pack! The only way to truly appreciate this pack is to listen to the Demo. You will not be failed!

Elite Sounds prides itself on crafting the highest quality products available and 'Sounds Of RiRi Bundle' is the manifestation of that vision.

This pack is far from the typical remakes that you've come to expect. These are authentic and inspirational, high quality productions designed to cater to any producer's need or dream.

Best of all, these Construction Kits are Royalty-Free, meaning you can use them in personal or commercial compositions at no extra cost.

Included in this collection are floor-crushing 808's and sub-basses, complex, custom-programmed synths with Elite Sound's signature digital wizardry.

Ambient sample-based pads, thick basslines, jaw-dropping custom Hip Hop drum samples and patterns (created from acoustic and analogue sources), as well as fresh, original, SFX, build-ups and transitions are included.

Elite Sounds is not responsible for damaged speakers and busted ear drums that occur as a result of listening to these bangers, proceed at your own discretion.

It's also worth noting that rather than simply brick wall limiting every sound into the preverbial squashed, lifeless, 0db peaking state that producers are so used to seeing, each sound is meticulously processed without the use of brick wall limiting to ensure maximum fidelity, punch, dynamics, and most importantly, usability.

Product Details:

• All tempos provided

• 15 Multi-track Construction Kits

• Mixed and mastered radio-ready demo files

• WAV and MIDI included

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