Twisted Soundscapes

Demo 1
Reason NN19/NN-XT
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'Twisted Sounscapes' is a sound designer and musical artist's dream. This is a genre-defying collection unlike any other, containing polymorphing textures, neural-resonating loops, surreal noise patterns, swarming colonies of future sounds, uber-theatric hits, and all-around expansive and bizarre audio manipulations made possible only by the most modern techniques and tools. 

You'll get a massive collection of over 200 individually programmed patches of complex, omni-directional FX, pads, noises, ambient loops, rhythms, hits, sweeps, percussion, and everything inbetween. 
These are seriously Cinematic sounds that take you on an auditory journey that ends in absolute creativity. If you're waiting to be inspired, wait no more. Get 'Twisted Soundscapes' and tap into the most abstract and transcendant ideas you'll ever bring into your own unique representation of reality.
'Twisted Soundscapes' will work well in just about any genre which requires cinema-grade atmospheres and effects.
Product Contains:
• Over 200 individual Cinematic patches
• Hits, loops, FX, ambiences, pads & more
• Patches instant load in the most popular sampler formats

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