Underground Vocals Vol 1

Demo 1
Demo 1
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'Underground Vocals Vol 1' from Fakulty Studios features one-of-a-kind phrases from Freck Billionaire (Fabolous artist), Count (LEP Bogus Boys), and Al Koleon. They also have hooks from Wayne Blazed (Trae the Truth), and others. Fakulty also inculded bonus voice overs that can be used by producers and mixtape DJs in all genres.

Fakulty Studios knows what it means to have the right words expressed in a certain way, with a particular inflection. They know that forcing creativity becomes cliché, corny and redundant, so why hire a writer or an artist to create dope phrases when you can extract them from great songs? 
These pharses can be placed in your song, no matter what genre, from RnB to Hip Hop, and Pop to EDM.
Product Details:
• Tempos and Root Notes
• 5 Hooks
• 70 Phrases & Loops
• 80 Adlibs
• 16 Bonus Voice Overs
• 24-Bit WAV Loops
Fully mixed and mastered with UAD, SSL, Neve 88-RS, URS & Waves technology. All vocals were recorded on the Akg C-12 through an SSL Board.
Please Note:
The Demo track is not included in this pack, it is for demonstration purposes only to show the capability of Fakulty's vocals in an actual beat.

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