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After the great success of the first volume, 'Vocals with Lokka 2' is finally here, serving over 700MB of fresh content. With a bunch of releases and collaborations with various artists, Lokka needs no introduction. The concept of this sample pack is a bit different from the previous volume, giving you more tools and trying to make your studio sessions easier.

After hearing what clients have to say and considering their demands, Function Loops decided to include also Full Acapellas as an extra addition to the pack.
What you will get exactly is Vocal Loops and Snippets in Dry/Wet versions, Full Vocal Acappellas in Dry/Wet versions, Musical Loops in Dry/Wet versions plus MIDI files. 
Also a Vocal-Free Musical Mixdown is included for each Kit that will help you fit the Acapella easily and see exactly how the vocals are layered, giving you the opportunity to edit the whole story and make your own versions. 
Function Loops have even included Extra Raw & Backing Vocals as a Bonus. Just import them to your favorite DAW and start editing right away! 
Each Kit was grouped into 2 main folders: Loops & Full Length. In the "Loops" folder you will find all the Loops (Musical, Vocals, MIDI) and in the "Full Length" you will find the Acapellas & Vocal-Free Musical Mixdowns. 
Everything was ordered and labelled for ease of use and navigation.
The whole pack was recorded at 128 BPM, 24-Bit/44.1kHz WAV quality. All keys are listed near each sound plus MIDI file included for exact notes.
Get ready to sample this amazing collection of new and fresh vocals!

Please Note: 

The drum loops & FX are not included. Drum loops were taken from 'Vocals With Lokka'.

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