About Us

From its inception in the Spring of 2009 MVP Loops was founded on the obsession that it would produce the most modern sample libraries and music software in the industry, and through the years, the team has not only held true to their vision, but has pioneered new products and innovations in the industry. Guided by a true dedication to produce top tier, pro level sounds, developing and selling market-leading products,a nd offering high-level post-production and promotional services, they make the job of production easier for anyone ranging from the home studio owner, to the seasoned pro.

Their hard work and dedication has led them on an incredible journey, one which has catapulted them to a level of success and a trajectory of growth that sets them apart from competitors.  Their service and product provision is a culmination of nearly 25 years of samples library, music software and sounded design experience, as well as music production, music promotion, record label, and music consulting experience and expertise.

Led by Nigel Williams, (VP of Operations and Music Education Graduate from
Berkelee College of Music), and Donald Johnson, (CEO/President who attended UNCC for business), both of whom are talented musicians themselves, the MVP Loops team consists of more than 30 of the most talented musicians, engineers, producers, former label executives, graphic designers, radio promoters, and music consultants, all of whom are seasoned professionals with a track record in the music industry.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA with years of experience and millions of records sold and attributed to their work, the MVP Loops team and signed sub-contractors works with world-renowned artists, with credits including Tu Pac, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Jodeci, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow, Leann Rimes, Brandy, Mary J Blige, Diddy, Fleetwood Mac, Bette Midler among others.

Whether it is Apple recommending MVP Loops officially on their website, or having a top selling product with Native Instruments, designing sounds for the new Akai MPC series, or delivering top rated content to Presonus, Mixcraft and more the goal is always the same, and that is to provide the best sounding, most efficient, and modern sounds available that will enable music creators to realize the ideas that are in their heads and hearts.

The company also has a trusted national and international reputation, comes
highly recommended, and boast among its clientele, partners and distributors: Apple, Presonus, Akai, Mixcraft, Native Instruments, Guitar Center, Big Fish Audio, and Universal Music with 1000s of songs placed globally.

They haven’t stopped with just the successes in their core business though, and with a trend-setting vision, have begun collaborative projects branching out into industry-related iOS and Android app development, acquiring ownership stakes in new and innovative applications, and will soon be responding to a demand for sharing of skills, expertise and networks by offering masterclasses to a limited number of aspiring producers, artists and DJs each quarter through their educational vision.  Additionally their mixing and mastering services have grown exponentially.

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Note: MVP Loops, MVP Virtual, MVP Platinum, VIP Loops Platinum Series, and
Dig Audio represent the in-house brands of www.mvploops.com